We are Lindsay and Emily,

two sisters with OCD and anxiety (yes, it runs in the family) who used our learnings from therapy to create a valuable tool for our fellow chronic doubters, reassurance-seekers, & OCD warriors.

Why Presently?

While conventional mantra bracelets tout phrases like "good vibes only" or "choose joy," we've discovered that managing anxiety demands more than just positive affirmations. Those catchy reminders? They didn't get the therapist's stamp of approval in our experience.

That's why we've created a new mantra bracelet. Built upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a tried-and-tested therapeutic method targeting and reshaping unhelpful thought patterns.

Made by people with anxiety,
for people with anxiety.

Through years of battling racing thoughts, relentless worry, and constant self-doubt, we realized that truly tackling anxiety means facing that gut-wrenching, chest-tightening feeling head-on.

We also realized that sometimes that requires an extra reminder of our inner strength.

With Presently, we're sharing these reminders with you.

Presently yours,

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