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Inspired by our journey.
Made for yours.

As two sisters with OCD & anxiety, we've learned that managing symptoms requires more than just feel-good, positive affirmations. It requires facing your anxiety with more authenticity.

Presently bracelets are engraved with reminders inspired by Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you work through the anxiety, not around it.

In with positive realism, out with toxic positivity.

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Phrases inspired by CBT

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Why Mental Health Professionals Love Presently

As a therapist and someone who loves her presently bracelet, I cherish having one of my favorite reminders on my wrist at all times. “Brave the uncomfortable” is something I hope to drive home not only for my clients but for myself too.

— Liana Ross | Trauma & EMDR Therapist

I love them because they're not toxic positivity / generic stuff you could get a dime a dozen... they're all consistent with ERP/CBT lingo.

— Jenna Overbaugh | LPC, OCD & Anxiety Therapist

This isn't a sponsored situation. I'm not earning commission. I just wanted to share about small business that's making beautiful things that are encouraging and supporting mental health.

— Lacy Warne | LMFT, Anxiety Therapist & Coach

When I’m looking for items I can use as apart of my lifestyle as a therapist and person who faces anxiety - I’m constantly looking for what aligns with my values & the self work me and clients do. Presently created such a piece - it’s a reminder to me that I can come back to myself and what matters most.

— Carly Samach | LMHC

I’m a big supporter of Presently and the ethos of the brand. I love how they pair simple yet elegant designs with inspiring mental health-related messages.

— Gianna LaLota | LMHC