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How to Brave the Uncomfortable and Return to the Present Moment

Does braving the uncomfortable feel like a foreign concept to you? How does someone just allow themselves to feel uncomfortable? Isn’t that self-torture? Well, maybe. But it’s only temporary. And your future self will thank you.

Anxiety is a natural thing. It's our bodies way of exercising our fight or flight response. But sometimes, our bodies can react to certain triggers that don't need a fight or flight response. 

Here are 5 steps to go about being brave when everything in your body is telling you to run. 


1. Observe the thoughts that bring you discomfort.

The next time you feel anxious, take note of the thoughts that are making your stomach churn. Don't react to those thoughts. Just listen.


2. Feel the physical discomfort.

Pinpoint where in your body you are feeling the discomfort. Do you feel it in your chest? Your stomach? Your throat? Surrender to this discomfort. Remember, it won't last forever.


3. Accept that discomfort is inevitable.

Discomfort is a natural part of life. When you avoid discomfort, you avoid taking risks, doing something new, or creating change for yourself. The only way we can achieve our goals of living our most present life is to accept discomfort.


4. Align with your long-term goals.

What is your goal? Do you want short term relief? Or do you want to become stronger in the long run? The more you challenge yourself to brave the uncomfortable moments of life, the more resilient you become, and the more willing you will be to take advantage of life's great opportunities.


5. Return to the present moment using mindfulness techniques.

Now that your energy is no longer spent on pushing discomfort away, it's time to return to the present moment. Engage in things that make you feel good. Take a long walk, treat yourself to a long shower, or try a workout class.


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