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OCD is not Obsessive Corgi Disorder

A few, disturbing things (not Corgis 🙄) that I found on the internet inspired this post...

I came across a company in Arizona called O.C.D. 

No, this is not a company that helps to spread awareness of or to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

This company organizes people's closets and pantries for a living... 

And this is how they market themselves:

Organize. Create. Design. 

Life + Residential Organizers.

Your chaos is our sanity.

I can't imagine these people are actually aware that their name and branding is incredibly insensitive, so I tried to let them know as politely as possible (over Instagram DM). No response as of yet.

We need to start respecting people who live with OCD.

How? We need more education of what OCD is, and what OCD is not.

So, here it goes.

OCD is...

being afraid to let your dog sleep under your bed in case the bed collapses in the middle of the night.

OCD is not...

Obsessive Corgi Disorder


OCD is...

throwing clean clothes in the laundry because they fell on the floor and touched the bottom of your shoe.

OCD is not...

a synonym for being tidy and particular.

OCD is... 

trying to decide if you should wash your hands before or after you put the groceries away.

OCD is not... 

an adjective to describe your aesthetically pleasing, color-coded refrigerator.


OCD is... 

a mental health disorder.

OCD is not...

a personality quirk.


This misconception prevents people who really struggle from getting the diagnosis or treatment that they need. 

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