I am separate from my mind

Full description:
Our minds tend to dwell on thoughts that produce worry or guilt, echoing them over and over until we become attached and mistakenly identify them as the truth. But, when we learn how our brain actually works we discover that our thoughts come and go involuntarily. Just because they exist within our mind, does not mean they hold any meaning outside of it.

Allow the thoughts to enter your awareness, without becoming personally invested. Give them the space to come and go without needing an explanation. When you create some distance, and remember that you are separate from your mind, you’ll notice the urge to decipher every thought will fade, and the desire to live in the present will strengthen.

Perfect for those who:
• assume having any doubts means they are doomed
• feel bad for "even having that thought"
• go to WebMD anytime they feel "off"
• interpret every dream as a sign
• overthink everything

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