It's okay to feel how I feel

Full description:
We've been conditioned to think that if we feel unhappy or anxious, we must act quickly to mend the situation. We're often told to "stay positive" or “life’s too short to be sad.” But the truth is, the more we resist those feelings, the more suffering we endure. We heal more deeply when we allow ourselves to truly feel all of our emotions.

Rather than pushing your true feelings aside and pretending that you are okay, give yourself the respect and the space to feel however you feel in that moment. Let your emotions come to the surface. When you accept that it’s okay to feel how you feel, you'll be able to use the clarity to act truer to yourself and your beliefs in the present moment.

Perfect for those who:
• apologize for being a "downer"
• think they're broken if they don't feel sad when they're "supposed" to
• think they need to be happy all the time
• go out even when they don't feel like it
• say they just need to "snap out of it"

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