My thoughts are passing clouds

Full description:
When we become overwhelmed with anxiety, our natural response is to quickly find relief by identifying the source and acting accordingly. This natural response hijacks our attention and pulls us away from the present moment. Though we can't remove anxiety completely, we can reduce our suffering.

Imagine observing your thoughts as if they were clouds in the sky. Watch them float by without speculating where they came from or where they are going. When you are able to see your thoughts out of the confines of your mind, you’ll gain the strength to sit with them and the emotions that come with it. When you're feeling stuck in a spiral of anxiety, remember your thoughts are passing clouds.

Perfect for those who:
• let their anxiety stop them from enjoying the moment
• find their mind easily drifts off during a meeting
• often go down a rabbit hole of anxious thinking
• fixate on the past
• obsess about the future

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