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Do big life changes give you anxiety?


We all experience transitions throughout our lives.

Whether they are exciting (moving to a new place, starting a new job, becoming a parent) or unexpected (being let go from your job, losing a loved one), adjusting to change can cause significant anxiety.

And, it's completely normal.

This anxiety is caused by a sense of discomfort and uncertainty that often comes with change.

It forces us to let go of older, more comfortable routines in exchange for new, unfamiliar ones.

Even good change can be scary.

If there has been excitement and planning for the transition, it's important to remember that a feeling of uneasiness is not evidence that you have made the wrong decision.

So, how do we cope with this anxiety?

In order to create positive change for ourselves, we need to accept this discomfort and remember that it won't last forever. Though uncertainty is scary, it's a natural part of life that we all must learn to live with.

Here are a few tips for managing this anxiety:


1. Prepare for your transition (when possible). Outline a plan for your transition, even thinking about it makes you anxious.

2. Set reasonable expectations. It's not always going to be a breeze.
You might feel overwhelmed at times.

3. Instead of longing for the old routines, create new and exciting routines you can look forward to every day.

4. Remind yourself of past transitions that you've been through.
If you've made it through those, you can make it though this.


These reminders can help when you're feeling overwhelmed with big life changes:

Brave the uncomfortable

Embrace Uncertainty

I let go of what I can't control

It's okay to feel how i feel 


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