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You are strong enough to change your reaction to anxiety.

With Presently, our goal is to change our culture's default reaction to anxiety. Instead of running away from it, we should try to face anxiety head on, and learn to manage it more productively.

How? Try these 5 things:

When you are working against something that is out of your control, it's okay to let go.

When anxious thoughts are swirling in your head, you can acknowledge them without trying to change them.

When an intrusive thought pops up, don't push it away, let it be and remember that thoughts are not facts.

When an uncomfortable feeling engulfs you, brave through it, don't try to find ways around it.

When you feel angry, or sad, or annoyed don't shroud it with "good vibes." Instead, feel each and every feeling as a human being should and eventually that feeling will pass.

So, what would you do differently if you reacted to your anxiety differently?

1. Maybe you'd get better at speaking up if you embraced those jitters before a big presentation or meeting,

2. You'd crush it in a new gig if you faced those first-day nerves at a fresh workplace.

3. You'd strengthen your relationship by openly talking about worries or fears with your partner.

4. You'd be able to dive into new things you're curious about even if it makes you a bit nervous.

5. You might feel more confident making big life decisions by tackling the nerves that come with choices like career switches or moving to a different city.

6. You could let your creativity shine by pushing through the anxiety that often tags along with the creative process.

7. You'd kick fears to the curb by gradually facing them, building confidence and feeling like unstoppable.


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