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What is Autumn Anxiety?

Fall is the season of change. For some people this can mean a season filled with anxiety and sadness which — believe it or not — makes for the perfect season to build resilience and practice mindfulness.

1. Autumn is a season of change. And with change comes anxiety.

Tis the season of ending one thing and beginning another. The weather is starting to become colder. Days become shorter. Swimsuits become sweaters. We often hear of the "winter blues," but the anxiety truly sets in during these transitional fall months.


2. We can manage the anxiety if we can face our intolerance of uncertainty.

Intolerance of uncertainty is our inability to deal with feelings of distress and discomfort. And it's human. But, avoiding these things doesn't do us any good. We need to lean into the uncertainty, not run away from it.


3. Exposure to small moments of uncertainty can help us appreciate change.

Close your planner. Wander your neighborhood without looking at a map. Go for a walk, even if theres a chance of rain. It might be uncomfortable, but you can get through it. The key is to stop denying or wrestling with unpleasant emotions, and instead try to accept them.


4. Practicing mindfulness can help us get through the discomfort of uncertainty.

Instead of having internal conversations about your troubles or placing judgment on yourself and others, try stepping back and seeing the world around you as an outside observer. Notice the change of colors around you, the texture of the leaves crunching under your feet, and the smell of pumpkin spiced anything.


5. These reminders that can help with Autumn Anxiety.

Embrace Uncertainty

Brave the uncomfortable


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