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Gold Paper Clip Chain Bracelet

Absolutely love this bracelet! This is my fourth bracelet I have purchased from Presently. The first two for my daughter, one for my niece and of course one for myself. It's delicate but of great quality. I love the subtle reminder " brave the uncomfortable" and it is beautifully engraved. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another as a gift or for myself.

I LOVE all the bracelets I have ordered!!! They are beautiflly made with such an uplifing message (and of course a great cause). I do wish the engraved metal piece was a bit sturdier (it scratches a bit too easily so the message fades and is unreadable). Do you think there is a possibliity to make one that is sturdy for daily wear?

Thank you so much for your kind words. We actually do have something new coming soon that will solve this! Stay tuned :)

Beautiful birthstone bracelet!

My birthday is in December so I had been hoping for a bracelet in turquoise. This bracelet is just what I wanted. Beautiful and delicate but sturdy enough for everyday wear! Love it! This is my 2nd purchase from Presently; their products beautiful and excellent quality.

Just perfect for a new mom!

This gorgeous and dainty bracelet is just perfect! As a new mom, there are a million things I worry about daily, but this Presently bracelet engraved with "I let go of what I can't control" reminds me that sometimes, surrendering to the moment is the best thing we can do. I highly recommend this bracelet to anyone who gets stuck in their own thoughts, because this really helped me find some clarity!!

Opal gemstone bracelet

This is the third bracelet I've bought from Presently. The quality of the bracelets is amazing. They're beautiful, delicate, and discreet. A subtle reminder when you need one and stylish and beautiful at the same time. Both my daughter and I love the bracelets. The handwritten note tucked in with every bracelet is such a wonderful personal touch. Would definitely recommend! I will definitely be back for more.

I’m obsessed with this brand

I struggle with overthinking any decision I have to make. As soon as I read the description for “Embrace uncertainty” I knew this was the reminder I needed. The bracelet itself is gorgeous and so perfect for everyday wear. I love the story behind the brand and how these two sisters started this company simply because they needed a tool to help with their own anxiety and realized that so many other people could benefit from it as well. I highly recommend this bracelet not only because the product itself is beautiful, but because wearing it reminds me that I am not alone in my struggles and I am stronger than I think I am.

Can’t Read It

My husband got this for me and we are both very upset. The engraving is so shallow that we can barely read it. It’s nothing like the picture which you can read very clearly. It’s a shame because I really have been suffering lately and I was really hoping this bracelet would help me stay out of my own head so much. We will be returning this.

Hi Kayla,

Lindsay and I read your review and we are so sorry the engraving was not what you expected. Each piece is meant to be subtle. We can offer you a full refund. Please keep the bracelet, as it hopefully can still serve as a reminder to stay in the present moment.


This bracelet has honestly improved my overall well-being.

I struggle with anxiety for many years. My anxiety is triggered by a variety of situations throughout a day.
Since buying my bracelet from Presently, I have truly been able to soothe my mind and calm my nerves in an instant. When I feel overwhelmed by emotions, I look at my bracelet, recite the phrase in my mind or out loud, and gently brush my fingers over the gold plate. I have found myself doing this multiple times throughout the day.
Even last night, my mind was racing causing me to toss and turn in bed. I remembered my phrase
'I let go of what I can't control." This made me feel at peace and I went to bed.
This bracelet has honestly improved my overall well-being and I've noticed a big change in how I can now process and react calmly to situations that would have caused obsessive thoughts and anxiety.
Thank you Lindsay and Emily for helping improve my mental health on a daily basis. This bracelet is my silent warrior ready to protect me whenever I need. Highly recommend!!!


I love my bracelet so much! I’ve gotten many friends to purchase a bracelet as well, a beautiful little piece to look at- that reminds me of my FIGHT and journey to get to where I am today with OCD!

Love these!

This is my second purchase from Presently. I plan on gifting it to a friend going through a tough time. The message is beautiful and I love how the piece looks. Will be back for my third purchase soon enough.


This is the second bracelet I ordered. It is so beautiful and lightweight.


This bracelet reminds me to "breathe" when my anxiety is triggered. It is so comfortable to wear every day.

I love it!

I can't say enough good things about how I was treated when I purchased a bracelet from Presently. I was in treatment for breast cancer at the time and I am a senior and I chose one of the longest phrases - "My thoughts are passing clouds". These old eyes had trouble seeing this gentle reminder so I spoke with Emily and she redid a bracelet with slightly larger and deeper engraving. It was just right! I know these sisters did not have to go to such lengths to help me but it just shows what a high integrity company this is. Please don't hesitate to help this small business continue to grow.

A nice reminder

As someone who suffers with mental health issues, I wear this reminder daily. It helps me to stay in the moment, breathe and relax. I also bought it in honor of a loved one I recently lost to suicide, which has changed me to do more and be more involved with mental health awareness and advocacy.

New favorite bracelet

This is a high quality, beautiful bracelet that also came with a small card that explains the phrase I chose and a handwritten note from the founders of Presently, which was such a nice surprise! As someone with OCD, I'm so happy to have found such a unique item that represents hope and healing from OCD and anxiety.

Love the sentiment, but needs tweeking

I love the sentiment, Embrace Uncertainty. I look at it throughout the day for inspiration. Unfortunately, the engraving is not deep, and in the past few weeks of wear, the surface is scratched and the engraving is virtually impossible to read. I've thought of trying to embed paint in the engraving, but the softness of the base, and all of the current scratches, suggest this would perhaps make the problem worse...

Hi CJ! Thank you so much for your feedback. We wanted to let you know that we actually made the engraving larger and deeper, if you'd like to exchange, please let us know :)

Love It!!

I love my bracelet!!! Not only is it beautiful, I find it incredibly comforting when I get anxiety. I am also a long distance runner and when I get tired & my mind starts to doubt I just touch my bracelet & know I can “Brave the Uncomfortable.”
Also, I had a bracelet that broke & I was really sad about it. I contacted customer service & they were wonderful and sent me another bracelet. This company is great!!!


The bracelet is beautiful. I liked it so much I have ordered a second one. It is a reminder that life is ever changing and if we embrace change we can meet the daily challenges of our minds. A lovely way to stay grounded.

Love this

These are lovely bracelets. Very well made and great quality.

Gold Macrame Bracelet
Jenny Isherwood
Best customer service

I really wanted a bracelet for a friend who suffers from OCD and is suddenly moving across the world. The product I wanted for her was on back order. Presently worked with me to find a product I could get in time for my friend’s move. I love it! It’s beautiful and I know it will ground my friend when she’s feeling overwhelmed by her move. Thank you!!

So simple

Love this bracelet so much.

Rutilated Quartz Gemstone Bracelet in Gold

This bracelet is a beautiful blush colored gemstone that looks great with everything. I love wearing it and seeing the reminder to let go of what I can't control. It is so helpful to be reminded throughout the day.


I’ve had my bracelet since summer 2021 and have yet to take it off. I shower with it, been in the ocean and chlorine, and it’s still in great shape! For someone who doesn’t like to take off their jewelry this is a perfect piece to keep on all the time! Can’t wait to add to my stack!

Beautiful piece

I ordered the "brave the uncomfortable" gold figaro bracelet. I loved the design as soon as I saw it online, the message and the bracelet are absolutely beautiful. It looks even better in person.
When I ordered it the first time there was an issue with the delivery (stolen package) and presently's customer service was so quick and responsive. They verified all the details necessary and recent the bracelet in record time.
Truly appreciate what the bracelet stands for and all of presently's work!!